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Beste zelda spill

While not as deep or complex as later games, the groundwork is all beautifully laid out here.
Though we'll always have a soft spot for the N64 version, the 3DS remake is the best one to currently play, not least of which because the infamous Water Temple has been fixed to some degree.
All of it is wrapped in melancholy, its greatest monuments lying in post-cataclysmic ruin, as our hero attempts to rectify previous failures.
It refined everything that made Ocarina an instant classic to near perfection.It gave everything.But for a good 14 years, Wind Waker was the best 3D Zelda bally slot manual download game in its decades-long history.Exit Theatre Mode, since its release in the early 90s, A Link to the Past remains a masterclass in game design, one that lays the foundation for many games of the series.Join us as IGN sets off on a quest through the vast worlds of Hyrule to answer this difficult question.The game is notable for being the first entirely new Zelda game produced for the Game Boy Advance, and one of the few Zelda games to be developed by someone other than Nintendo.The Hero of Times journey across the mysterious Koholint Island was filled with great dungeons, nods to other Nintendo games, and smart new items like Rocs Feather, which gave you the ability to jump.The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask.making for a much more streamlined experience.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Platform: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: 2013 It's a bold move to make a sequel to one of the most beloved games of all time, but A Link Between Worlds is easily the best 2D Zelda game ever.
A darker and more twisted title, Majora's Mask hjuls spilleautomater, video brought a constant sense of urgency to the adventure, with only three days before the moon crashed and before Link had to start from the beginning again.
Its so much more than that.
Marty Sliva.The immersive Dark World doubled the overworld map and paved the way for some terrific puzzles and secrets; the dungeons were satisfyingly tough and challenging; the controls and items were close to being faultless; and that soundtrack was seriously bloody good.Young Link finds himself trapped in Clock Town, doomed to be crushed under an angry, demonic moon.Exit Theatre Mode, majoras Mask is a fascinating Zelda game.As Link fights day and night against the flow of time, the ominous moon glares down at him.